Arm Balancer

Easy work and best security

Wide range of applications using attachments according to various purpose of work


  • Arm Balancer is simpler and safer one various lifting instrument and efficiently designed as a simplified gravity-free device.
  • The fingertip control with the strength put on the hand switch for the UP/DOWN button allows the three dimensional movement and the positional control. Also has the balance function.
  • Easy is extremely installing and moving. The location of the location of the object can be elaborately controlled Portable and Mobile for easy Relocation.
  • All-air style. Adopting an all-air circuit method (electricity free).
  • Outstanding performance where the ceiling is low.
  • Adopts chain with regard to its UP and DOWN movement.
  • In case of interruption of air supply, it has safety function that prevents the load from falling down.
  • This Arm Balancer has a wide range of applications by using attachments according to various purposes of various purposes of work. Attachments for a specific work enlarge the range of operator conditions.
  • Simplicity and safety of its of its system, compared to other equipment for conveyance, lead to highly efficient work. Superior performance, Higher Efficiency safe to cover3 dimensional operation.
  • NO Jumping Phenomenon.
  • Smooth Operation.
ModelMax .load
Stroke (mm.)
Body TurningMain Base Weight (kg)Fixed Base Weight (kg)Wheeled Base Weight (kg)Short Pipe Weight (kg)Trolley Weight (kg)
UTMS-6060Fixed Type160036096110   
UTMS-6060Wheeled Type160036096 430  
UTMS-120120100036096 500  
UTMS-60C60Overhead Type160036096  15160
UTMS-120C120100036096  20280

The  measurements above can change depending upon the on-site conditions.

  • Air pressure : 0.49 Mpa (5.0kgf/cm2)71 psi
  • The base section is fixed on the carter with Model 60 and 120.
  • The trolley weight referred to above is for the motorized trolley.
  • Capacity indicates the weight of products and fixtures