Pneumatic, weightless, 3-dimensional balancer

Wide variety of models and attachments for meeting operational needs

  • FEATURESPneumatic operation creates a wider  variety of features.(Weight detection, automatic balancing, overload prevention, interlock control, emergency stop, fall-down prevention, rapid arm lift prevention, rapid arm lift prevention control, etc.)
  • No special training needed, Easy operation at your fin-gertips  (without any complicated switch control),Easy to versatile carrying, lifting and manipulate.
  • Ergonomical posture at every working (smooth operation).
  • Precise positioning and  aligning of light and heavy loads due to no swaying or cushion (Very accurate operation).
  • Maintenance free.
  • High durability is proud of economical upkeep.
  • Aluminium overhead track systems for a perfectly matched system solution.
  • In case of interruptionof air supply, abuilt-in safety device prevents an abrupt fall load. The load can be put down safety by operator at moment.
  • In case of interruption of air supply, abuilt-in safety device prevents an abrupt fall down of the moment.
  • Brake systems for preventing joints from rotating
ModelMax .load
Stroke (mm.)
Body TurningMain Base Weight (kg)Fixed Base Weight (kg)Wheeled Base Weight (kg)Short Pipe Weight (kg)Trolley Weight (kg)
UTMS-7575Fixed Type1599360200110   
UTMS-250 2501500360500 150   
UTMS-7575Wheeled Type1599360200 430  
UTMS-1251251150360335 500  
UTMS-2502501500360500 720  
UTMS-75C75Overhead Type1599360200  15160
UTMS-125C125 1550360335  20280
UTMS-250C250 1500360200  25 

The  measurement above can depending upon the on-site conditions.

  • Air pressure:0.49Mpa (5.0kgf/cm2)71
  • Air Consumption (Approx. volume for reference ):76.5N/min.(20 Sec. Tact time) for Model 75
  • The weight of the  fixed type base is for the one to fix with foundation bolts. The weight of the one to fix with anchor bolts only is approx.180kg for Model 250.
  • The base section is fixed on the caster with Model 75 and 125
  • The trolley type of Model 250 and larger is carried on the forklift truck.
  • Capacity indicates the weight of products and fixtures.