Aluminum Track

U-TECH Pro-Track

Aluminum Track System

Aluminum track comes as a pre-engineered, modular structure in kit format that the overhead rail system can be quickly

configured rail system can be quickly configured, installed, set up and take down by purchaser or plant personnel with considerable

savings in both time and cost.

U-TECH INTER offer rail system components to best suit your material handling needs.

There are many benefits to using the extremely versatile aluminum track, A light weight option that is ideal for long rail system spans

and feature.



-Reduces the accumulation of dirt and grime on internal rolling surface

-Strong backing for increased productivity

-Low investment costs

-Flexible design allows extensions, modifications of existing line and against building obstruction

-Reduction in internal transport time

-Reduction in operator’s fatigue

-Comfortable and easily handled and manipulator with out traveling noise

-Clean, maintennance free operation because no lubrication required

-Standard fittings are bolted not welded construction. So easy, fast and safe to install and take down

-For relocate by reusable all parts. The track is self-cleaning and won’t corrode or flake off. It is corrosion resistant, which makes it great for outdoor use.