Arm Balancer

Easy work and best security

Wide range of applications using attachments according to various purpose of work

Arm Balancer


  • Arm Balance is simpler and safer one various lifting instrument and efficiently designed as a simplified gravity-free device.
  • The fingertip control with the strength put on the hand switch for the UP/DOWN button allows the three dimensional movement and the positional control. Also has the balance function.
  • Easy is extremely installing and moving. The location of the location of the object can be elaborately controlled Portable and Mobile for easy Relocation.
  • All-air style. Adopting an all-air circuit method (electricity free).
  • Outstanding performance where the ceiling is low.
  • Adopts chain with regard to its UP and DOWN movement.
  • In case of interruption of air supply, it has safety function that prevents the load from falling down.
  • This Arm Balancer has a wide range of applications by using attachments according to various purposes of various purposes of work. Attachments for a specific work enlarge the range of operator conditions.
  • Simplicity and safety of its of its system, compared to other equipment for conveyance, lead to highly efficient work. Superior performance, Higher Efficiency safe to cover3 dimensional operation.
  • NO Jumping Phenomenon.
  • Smooth Operation.
Model Max .load
Base Vertical
Stroke (mm.)
Body Turning Main Base Weight (kg) Fixed Base Weight (kg) Wheeled Base Weight (kg) Short Pipe Weight (kg) Trolley Weight (kg)
UTMS-60 60 Fixed Type 1600 360 96 110      
UTMS-120 120 1000 360 96 120      
UTMS-60 60 Wheeled Type 1600 360 96   430    
UTMS-120 120 1000 360 96   500    
UTMS-60C 60 Overhead Type 1600 360 96     15 160
UTMS-120C 120 1000 360 96     20 280


The  measurements above can change depending upon the on-site conditions.

  • Air pressure : 0.49 Mpa (5.0kgf/cm2)71 psi
  • The base section is fixed on the carter with Model 60 and 120.
  • The trolley weight referred to above is for the motorized trolley.
  • Capacity indicates the weight of products and fixtures